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French Language Services Commissioner

The Ombudsman of Ontario is an impartial and independent officer of the Ontario Legislature, who has the authority to review complaints about the administrative conduct of public sector bodies.

The Deputy Ombudsman and Commissioner of French Language Services is appointed under the French Language Services Act. The Commissioner has the authority to review complaints about the extent and quality of French language services provided by government agencies.

It is the function of the Deputy Ombudsman and French Language Services Commissioner to:

  • conduct investigations into the extent and quality of compliance with this Act, pursuant to complaints relating to French language services made by any person or on the Ombudsman’s own initiative;
  • prepare reports on investigations, including recommendations for improving the provision of French language services;
  • monitor the progress made by government agencies in providing French language services;
  • advise the Minister on matters related to the administration of this Act; and
  • perform such other functions as may be assigned to the Ombudsman by the Lieutenant Governor in Council

The Ombudsman may also:

  • Review and investigate unresolved complaints and investigate systemic issues, and
  • report publicly and make recommendations to the government regarding the provision of French language services to promote compliance with the French Language Services Act.

You can contact the FLSC Office directly.

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