Blood Glucose Test Strips

The Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) Program provides coverage for blood glucose test strips based on your current treatment method, and align with guidelines published by the Canadian Diabetes Association.

This chart shows how the reimbursement limits for test strips are determined:

Diabetes Treatment Maximum number of test strips  per year
Patients managing diabetes with insulin 3,000
Patients managing diabetes with anti-diabetes medication with higher risk of causing hypoglycemia* 400
Patients managing diabetes using anti-diabetes medication with lower risk of causing hypoglycemia* 200
Patients managing diabetes through diet/lifestyle therapy only (no insulin or anti-diabetes medications) 200

*low blood sugar

For information on how to properly manage your blood glucose levels with test strips, please watch our video located in the "Stand Up To Diabetes" area of our website or speak with your health care provider.

Questions and Answers

Managing Diabetes

If not treated or properly managed, diabetes can result in a variety of complications, including: heart disease and stroke, kidney disease, eye disease, erectile dysfunction (impotence), and nerve damage.

Proper self-management of diabetes is very important to your overall health. For example, your ability to self-monitor blood glucose levels is essential to help prevent some of the most common complications associated with the disease.

By self-monitoring your blood glucose levels, you can:

To help you achieve your best health, "Self-Management" workshops are available throughout the province. The information and ideas you learn at these workshops can help you improve your health.
Visit: for more information.

Individuals living with diabetes and taking medication may also be eligible for a free annual MedsCheck consultation with a pharmacist. Take this opportunity to make an appointment to review your medications.
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Remember, good communication with your health care providers will help you be in control and find a care plan that's right for you.

To learn more about the various health care services available to you and how you can best use them, visit:

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