Ontario Drug Benefit Program: Health Network System

What is the Health Network System?

Ontario has a province-wide computer network system, called the Health Network System. This system links Ontario pharmacies and some doctors directly to the ministry. It is used to process claims under the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) Program. It also prevents people from misusing the ODB program.

What are the benefits of the Health Network System?

1.  Speeds up processing of ODB claims

If you qualify for ODB, your pharmacist will use the Health Network System to process your prescription. As your pharmacist fills your prescription, here is what happens:

2.  Supports the proper and safe use of drugs in Ontario

For example, the system identifies:

3.  Helps improve communication between pharmacies and the ministry

The ministry uses the Health Network System to immediately inform pharmacists of any program and policy changes. This includes announcing new benefits through an email system called “OneMail”.

4.  Uncovers ways to improve the ODB program

The ministry uses the Health Network System to provide data to health care evaluators, researchers and professionals on drug-use patterns and trends in Ontario. This will help the ministry see which changes to ODB are most needed to make the program work better.

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