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Ontario’s Narcotics Strategy

Monitored Drugs

A number of prescription narcotics and other controlled substance medications are being monitored through the Narcotics Strategy.

Prescription narcotics are drugs commonly prescribed to relieve moderate to severe pain. A couple examples of common narcotic medications include:

Controlled substances are drugs listed under Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. A few examples of controlled substance medications include:

Here is a list of common medications being monitored under the strategy.

Brand Name Generic Name
tylenol no.3 acetaminophen compound with codeine
percocet oxycodone hcl & acetaminophen
oxycontin oxycodone hcl
dilaudid hydromorphone hcl
hycodan hydrocodone bitartrate
statex, ms contin morphine sulfate
codeine, codeine contin codeine sulfate
duragesic patch fentanyl transdermal system
fiorinal acetylsalicylic acid & butalbital & caffeine
demerol meperidine hcl
methadone, metadol methadone
suboxone buprenorphine & naloxone
ralivia, ultram, zytram, tridural tramadol
nucynta cr tapentadol
ativan lorazepam
clonazepam clonazepam
valium diazepam
xanax alprazolam
versed midazolam
restoril temazepam
mogadon nitrazepam
ritalin, concerta methylphenidate hcl
adderall xr amphetamine salts
phenobarbital phenobarbital

The complete list of monitored drugs includes:

Please speak with your doctor, dentist or pharmacist to see if any drugs you are currently taking are on the list.

Note: The medication lists provided here may change and will be updated from time to time.

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