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The Citizens’ Council consists of up to 25 members plus the Chair. Members of the Council live in Ontario and come from all walks of life and backgrounds. Members are expected to express their opinions as members of the public and not represent the view of any specific interest, group, or organization.

Members are appointed by the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care for terms of up to three years and these seats need to be filled when current members leave.

Interested Ontarians can apply to be a member through the Public Appointments Secretariat website.


Marilyn Wood is Partner and Manager of Mikro-Tek Inc, a privately owned environmental biotechnology company. She serves on the Timmins and District Hospital Board of Directors and as a member of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Committee. Ms. Woods is a former member of the Citizen's Council. She holds a Masters degree in Development and Industrialization with distinction from the Institute of Public Administration and Management, University of Liverpool, England.

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