Transforming Ontario's Health Care System

Using evidence to improve care

High quality care is better for patients and it is also less expensive. Getting it right the first time means better outcomes for patients and better value for the system. Consistently applying the best evidence and clinical guidelines to delivering care are critical to effectively transforming the system. Policy and clinical decisions must be driven by evidence and health care.

All hospitals develop and publicly post an annual Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) that demonstrates their commitment to quality. In addition, hospitals have: established quality committees; developed a patient declaration of values; tied executive compensation to quality improvement targets; carried out patient satisfaction surveys as well as employee / care provider surveys; and developed a patient relations process. Learn more

A uniform commitment and consistent approach to quality improvement across Ontario's primary care sector is critical to the delivery of person-centred care and improved service delivery. The development of a QIP for primary care will encourage a focus on data collection and analysis and support Ontario's health care transformation agenda. Learn more

All of the sectors have a role to play in continually striving for high quality in the system, and the community care sector (including long-term care and home care) is a critical component for this success. The community sector is already beginning to embrace this vision. Learn more

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