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Ministry Status: Recovery

The ministry is resuming regular operations and supporting health sector stabilization.
Special Authorization Digital Information Exchange

What is SADIE?

SADIE (the Special Authorization Digital Information Exchange) is a portal used to submit electronic requests into the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) Program’s Exceptional Access Program (EAP), and track Ministry decisions.

It is also used to submit requests for Blood Glucose Test Strips reimbursements, as well as registrations for the Inherited Metabolic Disease program.

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Who is SADIE for?

SADIE is available to all Ontario Physicians and Nurse Practitioners.

Do you have support staff in your office, Patient Support Programs or Drug Access Navigators who help you complete and submit EAP requests? SADIE allows you to set up delegates who can carry out the entire EAP submission process within SADIE on your behalf, or you can set up designates who can create EAP requests for you to review and submit.

For more information, select “Help Accessing SADIE

Why Use SADIE?

  • Up to 50% faster decision time
  • Up to 75% fewer requests for missing information
  • Patient demographic information is auto populated when you enter a valid Ontario health card number
  • Online tracking and access to historical EAP submissions and MOH responses
  • Requests are automatically classified as initial or renewal and SADIE will ask you the questions tailored to the request type
  • Easily accessible criteria information
  • Criteria-driven “smart forms” that ask only the questions needed for your request
  • Delegates can create & submit EAP requests and designates can assist in creating submissions
  • Can provide requested additional information online
  • Can request an appeal for a negative decision
  • Self manage practice locations and self-delete delegate and designate SADIE profiles

What browsers you should use

The latest version of Chrome is the recommended browser for SADIE. Latest versions of other browsers, except Internet Explorer, are also supported.

For quick access to SADIE, it is recommended to bookmark this page; book marking other SADIE-related pages or sites may result in user access errors.

For More Information

Where can I find out more about SADIE?

We have an abundance of tools and information available to help you use SADIE:


Feedback or Suggestions?

Feedback is appreciated and suggestions will help inform future SADIE features. Please email us at SADIE@ontario.ca and if you would like to receive updates and newsletters, please subscribe to our mailing list.

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