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Medical Liability Protection (MLP) Reimbursement Program

Program Requirements

Eligibility and Reimbursement Requirements

Physicians including interns, residents and clinical fellows must be licensed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO). Licensing requirements are available on the CPSO website located at:

Physicians must be practicing medicine in Ontario and be a resident of Canada during the reimbursement period. Eligible reimbursements will be pro-rated based on the period of work in Ontario and residency in Canada.

A reimbursement payment option must be registered with the Ministry of Health (MOH). To register or change a payment option, a Medical Liability Protection (MLP) Reimbursement Program Authorization/ Direct Deposit Request must be completed and returned to the ministry at the address below.

CMPA members who select an automated reimbursement payment option (Option A - Advance Reimbursement or Option B - In Year Quarterly Reimbursement) must register direct deposit banking information with the ministry.

MOH reimbursements are made directly to the physician. It is the physicians’ responsibility to confirm or report the reimbursement of medical liability protection fees paid by any third party such as a hospital, clinic or university.

Financing charges for instalment payments are not eligible for reimbursement by the ministry.

Change of Status, Overpayment and Recovery

Physicians are required to inform the ministry if their eligibility status has changed.

Payments made under the Medical Liability Protection (MLP) Reimbursement Program may be subject to adjustment as permitted or required by law.

For More Information

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Claims Services Branch
Medical Liability Protection (MLP) Reimbursement Program
700 - 75 Albert Street
Ottawa ON K1P 5Y9

For enquiries regarding the MLP Reimbursement Program, please contact the Service Support Contact Centre at: 1-800-262-6524
Fax: (613) 545-5810
Hours of operation: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., except holidays