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Ontario Health Insurance Plan

OHIP Bulletins

This information requires knowledgeable interpretation and is intended primarily for members of the professional health care community. These publications are available in English only due to their technical nature. To obtain more information, please contact ServiceOntario

Note: The former OHIP Bulletins section has grown beyond communicating OHIP updates to keep you informed of payment, policy or program changes. The name has now changed to Bulletins and the format of the catalogue has been modified to include:

  • the creation of Series 12000 Fertility Clinics bulletins
  • the removal of outdated information such as the Series 5000 (Osteopath Services) and Series 6000 (Chiropractor Services) bulletins,
  • the relocation of non-bulletin information such as the Health Card Poster to another section of the ministry website,
  • re-ordering bulletins alphabetically within new categories, and
  • a historical archive of individual INFOBulletins published prior to 2010.
Health Care Provider InfoBulletins
Dentist Services
Fertility Clinics
Independent Health Facilities
Midwife Services
Optometrist Services
Physician Services
Physiotherapy Facilities
Podiatrist Services
Primary Health Care Services
Registered Nurse with Extended Class
Interpretive Bulletins
Dental Services Committee (DSC)
Education and Prevention Committee (EPC) - Link to the Ontario Medical Association's public website
Joint Physiotherapy Education Committee (JPEC)
Interprovincial Health Care InfoBulletins
Billing Software Specifications
Electronic Data Transfer (EDT)
Historical archive of individual INFOBulletins published prior to 2010

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