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Council of the Federation Award for Innovation in Mental Health and Addictions Care

The Council of the Federation (COF) Award for Innovation in Mental Health and Addictions Care is intended to recognize and support individuals and organizations who are excelling in the field of mental health and addictions care. The aim is to recognize achievement and innovation and encourage others in the field to be innovative in their work, specifically highlighting innovation in non-governmental, private and academic sectors.

Each province and territory will issue one award valued at $5,000. Award recipients will also receive a certificate signed by their respective Premier. All recipients will be recognized nationally and used as examples to promote innovation and collaboration across Canada.


The Award in Ontario provides recognition and support for non-governmental, community, private sector, academic and Indigenous-led initiatives in our province. Indigenous government initiatives are eligible. However, the award program is not meant to recognize or reward programs or services that are wholly government funded and run.

The deadline to submit nominations for the award is April 29, 2022. You may submit your nomination package or you may mail your nomination package to the following address:

Attention: Jocelyn Kelley OR Assistant Deputy Minister’s Office
Ministry of Health
Mental Health and Addictions Division
56 Wellesley Street West, 12th Floor
Toronto ON M5S 2S3

Nomination Package

To nominate an organization or individual (whether yourself or someone else), please send a package which includes:

  • A nomination cover sheet
  • A brief biography or CV of the individual or team members leading the initiative, project, study or program (up to 1 page each)
  • A description of the initiative, project, study or program (up to 2 pages)
  • A description of the anticipated or actual outcomes/successes/achievements (up to 1 page)
  • A description of how the initiative, project, study or program embraces innovation (up to 2 pages)
  • Any existing multimedia or scanned print products that describe or support the initiative, project, study or program (optional).

Additional Resources


Questions about this award can be directed to:

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