Hospital On-Call Coverage Program

HOCC Program

The Hospital on-Call Coverage (HOCC) Program was developed to enhance and stabilize the delivery of hospital on-call services to Ontario patients by providing stability and predictability in physician on-call coverage across Ontario. The program recognizes the additional burden placed on physicians for providing on-call services beyond their normal work day. The HOCC program provides funding for hospital on-call coverage to offset coverage expenditures previously borne by hospital operating budgets.

The program has been a great success from its inception, Currently, there are approximately 10, 500 physicians participating at 170 hospitals.

HOCC Background

The HOCC program was first established under the 2000 Framework Agreement between the ministry and the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) to provide funding for direct physician payment for hospital on-call coverage and/or to offset existing payments for hospitals on-call coverage borne by hospital operating budgets. Part of the agreement provided for a HOCC committee, made up of representatives from both groups, to oversee the establishment and coordination of the program. Since its inception in 2000 the HOCC program has been updated to include enhanced funding program, funding for additional on-call rotation scheduled (rotas) in certain specialties, intra-sectional allocations and regional on-call arrangements. In the 2004 PSA, the administration of the HOCC program was transferred from the ministry to the OMA. The transition was not fully completed until 2007.

Under the terms of the 2008 Physician Services Agreement (PSA), the responsibility for administration of the HOCC program was transferred from the OMA back to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The transition signifies ministry responsibility for policy, operations and financial components of HOCC.

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