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Labour Mobility and Equivalency in Ontario

Paramedic Equivalency Process

The Ontario Paramedic Equivalency Process provides an opportunity for paramedics or other healthcare professionals, who obtained their training outside of Ontario, to determine if they have the knowledge and skills required to be eligible to work as a paramedic in Ontario. Please note that the equivalency processes do not evaluate Aerophysiology or Critical Care training completed in other jurisdictions.

There are two different processes for paramedic equivalency in Ontario:

  1. Paramedic Labour Mobility Equivalency is open to paramedics who have completed a Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) or Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP) program outside of Ontario, and are registered/licensed in good standing in another Canadian jurisdiction. Upon successful completion of the Paramedic Labour Mobility Equivalency process, you will be issued an AEMCA certificate and/or an ACP certificate as applicable. Once you have obtained your Ministry of Health certificate(s) you can begin to seek employment opportunities in Ontario.
  2. Standard Paramedic Equivalency is open to international paramedics and other healthcare professionals who have completed training outside of Canada or Canadian paramedics who are not licensed/registered in another Canadian province.

    International Paramedics and other healthcare professionals or non-registered Canadian paramedics

    • Standard PCP Equivalency (Email) – evaluates your training/experience to the primary care paramedic program in Ontario
    • Standard ACP Equivalency (Email) – evaluates your training/experience to the advanced care paramedic program in Ontario (applicants must already hold an AEMCA certificate)

    Upon successful completion of the Standard PCP Equivalency process you are eligible to apply to the MOH AEMCA examination and upon successful completion of the Standard ACP Equivalency process you are eligible to apply to the MOH ACP examination.

Individuals should also refer to the additional qualifications required by Ontario Regulation 257/00 Part III 6-8 to be employed in Ontario as a paramedic once they have obtained MOH examination certificate(s).

Verification of Ontario Registration

Paramedics seeking employment as a paramedic in another Canadian jurisdiction and require verification of their PCP or ACP Ontario registration must submit a formal request to Certification and Patient Care Standards (CPCS). Most jurisdictions have an official verification of registration form. It is the applicant’s responsibility to complete their portion of the form, and then submit it to CPCS. You can contact CPCS to obtain more information on how this verification can be completed on your behalf.

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