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Improving & Driving Excellence Across Sectors (IDEAS)


Ontario’s health care system is transforming to provide better quality patient care in a more sustainable way. Keeping Ontarians healthy, enhancing faster access and stronger links to family health care and ensuring people receive the right care, at the right time, in the right place, are just some of the ways in which the system is transforming.

A high performing health care system is one that is able to ensure a system-wide drive toward better patient care. Improving & Driving Excellence Across Sectors (IDEAS) is Ontario’s new applied learning strategy to enable the quality improvement and changes needed across the health care system in order to realize the goals of Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care.  

While there are pockets of excellence in Ontario in applied quality improvement and change leadership learning, they tend to involve “one off” and fragmented projects, to be limited in their focus and reach, and often to be applicable to only one part of the system – for example, the hospital setting. IDEAS will complement and extend these pockets of excellence by providing a common and basic learning platform that will bring these efforts and all parts of the system together.

Using international gold standard learning concepts, IDEAS will bring together health providers and administrators across sectors – from health care providers in primary care and hospitals to program planners in the long-term and community care sectors.  In this way, learning will be peer to peer, interdisciplinary and team-based.

The IDEAS training program will be Ontario-made and Ontario-led ensuring the learning is directly relevant to our health system goals and actual patient needs. Participants will learn key concepts that they can apply into their everyday practice to improve patient outcomes. These concepts include: reducing variations in practice, successfully adopting best practices, developing effective performance measurement and evaluation, and improving clinical or leadership and management practices.

The goals of IDEAS are to :

The IDEAS training program is based on the 24 year-old internationally renowned Advanced Training Program (ATP) developed by the Institute for Health Care Delivery Research (IHCDR) at the US Intermountain Healthcare. The ATP has a proven track record with respect to patient outcomes and value for money, and has been adapted by over 50 jurisdictions and/ or health systems, such as Veterans Affairs in the United States and the National Health System in the United Kingdom.The ATP will be customized for Ontario with a faculty comprised of existing and emerging Ontario experts.

IDEAS will be rigorously evaluated by an independent third party based on tangible outcomes, including: impact on patient outcomes; degree of learning spread achieved by the program; and the return on public investment.

IDEAS components include :

IDEAS is currently accepting applicants. More information is available on the IDEAS website. Year 1 activities will include a focus on building capacity aligned with Health System Funding Reform.

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