Excellent Care for All

Legislation, Regulations and Policy

The Excellent Care for All Strategy is based on the following principles :

The Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA) is a landmark piece of legislation in Ontario that anchors the Excellent Care for All Strategy. The principles of ECFAA place patients first by strengthening the health care system's organizational focus and accountability for delivering high quality patient care. It helps define quality for the health care sector, reinforces responsibility for quality of care, builds and supports boards' capability to deliver quality of care, and increases publicly available information on health care organization's commitment to quality.

Excellent Care for All Act

The Excellent Care for All Act embodies the government's commitment to provide quality care that is centred on patients and driven by improving outcomes and satisfaction for those patients. ECFAA also centres on improving the health system by harnessing and disseminating the delivery of health care based on evidence-based best practices.

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Health Quality Ontario

Health Quality Ontario (HQO) plays a leadership role in helping to drive continuous quality improvement across the system. The agency is responsible for finding the best evidence of what works and translating it into concrete tools and guidelines that providers and institutions across the system can put into practice to benefit patient care and outcomes.

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Quality Improvement Plans

System-wide quality improvement is the vision that the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care provides for all health care sectors, using the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) as an enabler to support this aim. Guidance materials and other supports have been developed to assist health care sectors with the development of their annual QIPs.

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