Excellent Care for All

Funding Reforms

Health care transformation can only be successful if funding models reflect the priorities of a patient-centred system across the continuum of care. The government is taking concrete steps to fund health services based on patients consistently receiving appropriate high quality care the first time, any where, every time. Funding will be tied to the individual.

Health care professionals
Physician Compensation reform

Physician Compensation Reform

Physicians are key partners in building a higher quality health care system. As the province transforms the system to make it more patient-centred and focused on value, it is also essential for the government to reinvent its relationship with Ontario’s doctors.

Long-Term Care

Pharmaceutical Funding Reform

Ontario is one of the largest purchasers of prescription drugs in the world, but for too long was paying some of the highest prices for generic drugs. The higher prices weren’t justified. They were largely due to an arrangement where generic drug manufacturers were essentially paying the pharmacists who stock their products.

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