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Low Back Pain Strategy

Educational tools to assist providers and patients

The Strategy aims to engage primary care providers and provide low back pain clinical tools for their practice needs. The goal is twofold :

  • To enhance the knowledge of providers and patients.
  • To give them access to approaches and tools that will support high quality care for patients with low back pain.

The province has developed an education program for referring primary care providers that was rolled out as follows :

  • February/March 2013 - In-person training.
  • March 2013 - Online clinical tools (see below)
  • July 2013 - Online training.

A Low Back Pain self-management video for patients now released!

The video, created by Dr. Mike Evans (Health Design Lab) and developed in collaboration with the Centre for Effective Practice and the Institute for Work & Health, helps to educate patients experiencing low back pain by increasing awareness of self-management tools and techniques. Providers are encouraged to share this resource with their patients. View the video.

Low Back Pain Toolkit

This toolkit was developed to assist with the assessment and management of patients with low back pain in primary care settings.

The toolkit was developed as part of the Low Back Pain Strategy, by Centre for Effective Practice with the review and advice of an expert committee, Education Planning Committee and primary care focus groups. It includes a new tool designed to meet the needs of primary care providers by bringing together existing tools and evidence into a one-page easy to use summary/charting tool. This toolkit was circulated in hard copy to primary care providers in March 2013. The government of Ontario will not be providing additional hard copies. You are encouraged to download and print the toolkit from the links below. This toolkit is also available in French at

Download the toolkit

Complete toolkit is available for download as a zip file
Colour  |  Black & White

Download an overview of the toolkit
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Clinical Tools

Download PDFs of the tool in colour or black & white.

Supporting Tools

Download PDFs of the tool in colour or black & white.

In addition to the listed, the following reference tools are available for additional support

Note that the following tools are available through the websites of external organizations/groups. The developers of these reference tools are responsible for the currency, accuracy and completeness of the content published. Tools below have not been translated as part of the Provincial Strategy and are currently available in English only, unless otherwise indicated.

For Providers

For Patients

Note : The CORE tool and Guide are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada License. You are free to Share (copy, distribute and transmit the work) given that you provide attribution, do not use the work for commercial purposes and do not alter, transform or build upon this work without contacting the Centre for Effective Practice. If you are interested in building upon this work or using the tools for commercial purposes, please contact

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