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Ontario Public Drug Programs

Publicly Funded Drug Programs

Each year, 2.8 million people receive $3.8 billion in drug benefits from Ontario Public Drug Programs. This coverage is provided through five provincial drug plans:

  • Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) Program
    Drug benefits for Ontarians aged 65 and older, residents of long-term care homes and homes for special care, recipients of professional home services and social assistance and recipients of the Trillium Drug Program.
  • Trillium Drug Program
    Drug benefits to Ontario residents that have high drug costs in relation to their household income. Any Ontario resident that does not qualify under any of the other plans can apply for the Trillium Drug Program.
  • Special Drugs Program 
    Drug benefits for Ontarians with a valid Health Card for certain outpatient drugs used to treat specific diseases or conditions.
  • New Drug Funding Program for Cancer Care
    Drug Benefits for newer, intravenous drugs, typically administered in hospitals and cancer care facilities. The Ministry provides about 75% of the overall funding for intravenous cancer drugs in Ontario and hospitals fund the remaining 25% through their operating budgets.
  • Inherited Metabolic Diseases Program 
    Benefits for Ontarians with a valid Health Card for certain outpatient drugs, supplements and specialty foods used in the treatment of specific metabolic disorders.
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus Prophylaxis for High-Risk Infants Program
    Funds palivizumab for infants who are at high risk for hospitalization and complications from a Respiratory Syncytial Virus infection.

These publicly funded programs account for 43 per cent of spending on prescription drugs in Ontario.

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