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Province Taking Steps to Expand Health Care Professionals' Responsibilities and Roles

Ontario Moving Forward on Improving Access to Quality Care

September 20, 2017

Ontario is taking steps to expand the scopes of practice of several regulated health care professionals, while maintaining safety and quality in the health care system across the province.

The province will be moving forward on assessing requests for the expansion of specific roles and responsibilities of chiropractors, dietitians, midwives, nurses (including nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and registered practical nurses), pharmacists, physiotherapists, as well as other health care providers.

This assessment will build on work already underway to expand the scopes of practice for some health professionals.

Most recently, the government has taken steps to expand the scope of practice of registered nurses so that they can independently prescribe some medications to patients.

Through this initiative, people in Ontario will benefit from improved access to safe and high quality health services closer to home, particularly in rural, remote and northern communities.

Ontario is increasing access to care, reducing wait times and improving the patient experience through its Patients First Action Plan for Health Care and OHIP+: Children and Youth Pharmacare - protecting health care today and into the future.

“I am pleased to move forward with expanding the roles of our dedicated health care professionals, and have Ontarians benefit from faster access to quality care. We have thousands of dedicated and compassionate health care professionals who are capable of providing more patients with more services, especially in rural and northern communities where they are needed most.”

Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care




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