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Health Bulletin

Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health Issues Annual Report

Collecting Local Data Can Improve the Health Of Ontarians

March 30, 2017

Collecting more comprehensive local data can improve the health of Ontarians, says Dr. David Williams, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health.

In his latest Annual Report, Mapping Wellness: Ontario’s Route to Healthier Communities, Dr. Williams emphasizes the need to monitor health over time, community by community, by collecting data at the local level. This would not only provide a better understanding of the health of our communities, but also better information to guide planning and investment decisions.

More local data can help programs meet existing health care demands and have a greater and more immediate impact on the health of the individuals in need, which leads to a healthier community, he notes.

In his report, Dr. Williams also recommends:

Collecting and making that data accessible to the public and decision makers will result in decisions that can have a tangible, positive result on the health and wellness of Ontarians, the report notes.


“Mapping Wellness: Ontario’s Route To Healthier Communities focuses on community wellness and how investing in local-level population health data can help us make evidence-based decisions to improve the health of communities and people across Ontario. This will allow us to better respond to health threats, target health resources at the most important health problems and to the neighbourhoods and populations with the greatest need. My report invites people across Ontario to join me in a province-wide effort to create healthier communities and healthier Ontarians.”
- Dr. David Williams, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health

“Timely, accurate and detailed population health information is a foundation for effective local public health action. This report shines a spotlight on the fact that while we have some information, there is room for improvement. A provincial population health survey that collects data at the local community and neighbourhood levels would contribute significantly to local public health’s ability to better understand and improve health and health equity.”
- Dr. Penny Sutcliffe, Medical Officer of Health, Sudbury and District Health Unit

“In his latest annual report, I am pleased that the Chief Medical Officer of Health has shone a spotlight on the importance of mapping wellness locally. As the report states, our Health Neighbourhoods resource has been extremely well received in Durham Region. It has been shared with our community partners, improved our understanding of our neighbourhoods, and used to invest in and strengthen our neighbourhoods.”
- Dr. Robert Kyle, Medical Officer of Health, Durham Regional Health Unit



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