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Update: Health System Integration

March 31, 2017

We are pleased to share this update on the work supported by the Patients First Act, 2016.

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Implementation Updates

5 weeks to First Planned CCAC to LHIN Transfer

Patients First Act, 2016: Implementation Milestones

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Spotlight on: LHIN Capacity and Readiness

To support successful transfers of CCACs to LHINs, the ministry, LHINs, CCACs, and other partners have been hard at work for over a year, planning and preparing for transition. Supports and processes have been developed to enable LHINs to take on their expanded mandate and to evaluate and ensure readiness before any CCAC transfers into the LHIN. Our shared priority is that care continues uninterrupted for clients receiving home and community care services.

The LHINs, CCACs, the ministry, and others have been implementing an overarching work plan over the last year to prepare for transition. As an added support, the ministry procured the services of an external consultant, Deloitte, to assess readiness, and to identify and address any gaps and risks before transition occurs.

To enable continuity of care and operations leading up to and during transition, the following processes and tools have been established:

The Deloitte assessment team led multiple rounds of site visits and teleconferences with LHINs and CCACs to discuss capacity and readiness for transition and to provide targeted capacity-building support. Transition readiness was assessed against critical readiness items to ensure a smooth transition period, planned for May/June 2017.

Based on results from Deloitte’s assessments, as well as the ministry’s interactions with CCACs and LHINs and their boards, the ministry has confidence that the CCAC and LHINs are prepared for transition during the months of May and June. LHINs and CCACs have made tremendous progress over the past several months in addressing the critical elements that needs to be in place for transition. Logistics, IT needs, and other factors will also inform plans for the staging of transfers over the course of May and June.

We commend the efforts of our LHIN and CCAC staff and our partners in preparing for a smooth transition, and for their commitment to ensure continuity of care and services during this time of transition.

The preparatory work for transition will contribute to a new level of coordinated care for patients and an integrated system, with LHINs as the single point of accountability for regional health system integration. The ministry looks forward to reporting on progress leading up to the first transition and beyond, and also on the health care transformation activities that this will enable.

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