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Update: Health System Integration

March 24, 2017

We are pleased to share this update on the work supported by the Patients First Act, 2016.

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Implementation Updates

6 weeks to First Planned CCAC to LHIN Transfer

Patients First Act, 2016: Implementation Milestones

Recent Accomplishments:

Coming Up Next:

Spotlight on: The Ontario Quality Standards Committee

As the provincial agency responsible for evidence-based quality improvement in Ontario’s health care system, Health Quality Ontario (HQO) has a mandate to provide leadership in the development and implementation of standards to support better quality of care for patients.

HQO’s quality standards are developed by committees of clinical experts and patients. They include evidence-based statements about what the highest quality of clinical care looks like for a given clinical condition, as well as data outlining current system performance and implementation plans to support the adoption of the standard into everyday care.

Quality standards developed to date include caring for:

Upcoming quality standards include care for hip fractures, wound care (pressure injuries, diabetic foot ulcers, and venous leg ulcers), opioid use disorder, and opioid prescribing for chronic and acute pain.

As part of the passing of the Patients First Act, HQO will be establishing a new committee of its board called the Ontario Quality Standards Committee (OQSC). The goal of the OQSC is to support the provision of consistently high-quality care for patients across Ontario by enabling a more coordinated provincial approach to the prioritization, development and adoption of quality standards.

HQO is now recruiting for the OQSC. Membership will include regional and clinical representation, as well as individuals who are patients and informal caregivers.

The committee will consider issues affecting the feasibility of implementing each standard across different regions, sectors and care settings and will provide advice to HQO and others on opportunities to enhance adoption and impact for the benefit of patient care and experience.

“Successful implementation of quality standards, done together with health care professionals and patients, will be an important step toward excellent quality care for all in Ontario.” – Joshua Tepper

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