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Update: Health System Integration

March 10, 2017

Health Shared Services Ontario: Supporting Ontario's Local Health Integration Networks

Health Shared Services Ontario (HSSO), which officially became operational on March 1, 2017, has a legislated mandate to provide key shared services to the Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) so they can focus on meeting the health care needs of their local communities.

In order to equip the LHINs with the resources and supports they need to take on their new and expanded mandates, three discrete organizations - the Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres (OACCAC), the LHIN Collaborative (LHINC), and the LHIN Shared Services Office (LSSO) - have merged to form HSSO.

Centralizing and coordinating the delivery of key services will create consistency, drive efficiencies, and contribute to a more cohesive patient experience across the province. The supports provided by HSSO will also play a key role in guaranteeing the ongoing and effective delivery of care to Ontario’s many home and community care clients. Like the NHS in England, British Columbia and New Brunswick in Canada, Ontario is following best practices by consolidating back office support. This will create opportunities to find efficiencies and support the coordinated delivery of the services and supplies required by the health system.

HSSO will provide solutions that enable LHINs to deliver timely and high-quality patient care, including the key support services previously provided by the OACCAC, LHINC, and LSSO, such as:

HSSO will also provide these services to Ontario’s Community Care Access Centres (CCACs) during the transition period.

HSSO is focused on supporting health system integration. HSSO’s solutions and services will be developed through strong partnerships with the LHINs and collaboration with stakeholders, including front-line health care professionals.

Through the continuous development and delivery of province-wide digital health platforms, quality improvement initiatives, and other business and IT supports, HSSO uses leading-edge technology and best practices to enable health system integration and better patient care. The organization will support the smooth transition of CCAC staff to the LHINs, through the continuous management and delivery of key IT supports like the Client Health and Related Information System (CHRIS).

Work is already underway to prepare for the transition of CCACs into LHINs in key areas. On the IT front, plans are in place for e-mail integration, file sharing, and new management data dashboards. Modules used to orient and train staff being transferred to HSSO will also be used to support staff within the CCACs and LHINs.

HSSO will continue to work closely with partners and stakeholders in the months to come, and will ensure its scope of services fully support the essential work of LHINs across Ontario.

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