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Update: Health System Integration

October 10, 2017

After a couple of months away, we are back! We are pleased to share this update on the work supported by the Patients First Act, 2016, as we work together toward transforming the health care system. You can count on regular emails like this as your source of ongoing information and updates, which can also be shared with staff members, local and other stakeholders, and colleagues.

Minister’s Patient and Family Advisory Council

As part of the province’s commitment to expanding patient engagement under the Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care, Ontario has selected Ms. Julie Drury as chair of the Minister’s Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). In this new role, Ms. Drury will provide strategic advice on the refinement and implementation of a provincial approach to patient engagement within the ministry and across the province. Ms. Drury’s leadership will contribute to ongoing health system transformation by ensuring that the perspectives of patients, families, and caregivers are at the centre of health care policy decision making.

Patient engagement is a key component of building a more patient-centred health care system. The Minister’s PFAC will be composed of 15 patients and caregivers, who will share their experience and perspective, and will provide the ministry with valuable insight which it can incorporate into the policy development process. By involving patients in policy development and the design of care delivery, the ministry will do a better job of identifying, implementing and scaling up initiatives that matter to the people the health system serves.

The ministry has consulted with patients, caregivers, and health system thought leaders on ways to improve health system transparency and is committed to providing opportunities for patient and family engagement in addition to the Minister’s PFAC. Working with experts, the ministry has also been supporting the LHINs with tools and resources in advancing their patient engagement activities. LHINs are mandated to have patient and family advisory committees in place by October 31st.

Ms. Drury will work with a broad network of patient and family advisors across the province to identify and address issues affecting the experience of patients, families and caregivers. Ms. Drury will work in close collaboration with the LHINs’ patient and family advisory committees, as well as with patient advisory bodies at the organizational, local and provincial levels.

Information about Ms. Drury and the PFAC, as well as the ministry’s patient engagement efforts, can be found here: This webpage also allows individuals to sign up to receive future targeted communications about patient engagement opportunities, thereby creating a large pool of engaged Ontarians, acting as virtual patient advisors.

"I am excited and humbled to be taking on this leadership role on behalf of patients and families across Ontario"

– Ms. Julie Drury, Chair, Minister’s PFAC

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