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Update: Health System Integration

June 9, 2017

We are pleased to share this update on the work supported by the Patients First Act, 2016.

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Implementation Updates

Patients First Act, 2016: Implementation Milestones

Recent Accomplishments:

Coming Up Next:


On May 31, 2017, Mississauga Halton CCAC, Central West CCAC, and North East CCAC successfully transferred to their respective LHINs. Here is what the CEOs said about their transition:

“To say our transition day was a milestone day for the people of Northeastern Ontario, is an understatement. Our afternoon T(ea) touch-points went very well and we had a full house in many
of our offices with staff and board members gathering to celebrate, get to know each other better. The conversations in the past many months – to improve the Northern patient experience, are now turning into actions.  Our sub-region focus of more closely aligning primary care and home and community care so that Northerners have access to the care they need as they transition along the continuum of care is well underway. Each day is another opportunity to strengthen the system for fellow Northerners.”
– Louise Paquette, CEO, North East LHIN

“We have planned intensively for transition day and beyond, and I'm pleased to share that our transition day was a success. For our patients, families and caregivers, and our partners and health service providers, it was business as usual. As the new executive team and I toured our 10 sites over the course of the afternoon individually welcoming staff, I came away impressed with their commitment, and I had a real sense that there was a shared understanding of the tasks ahead. As we continue to grow together as one organization, our team and many partnerships will strengthen and evolve. Together, we now have an opportunity to build a stronger health care system and improve the patient experience. I look forward to this transformation and our continued journey.”
– Bill MacLeod, CEO, Mississauga Halton LHIN

“The integration of the Central West CCAC and LHIN was wicked awesome. Our collaborative planning over the past six months ensured that we experienced a smooth transition where patient care continued without disruption and teams were engaged at each of our sites. As we look toward transformation, we are excited to utilize the immense talents in our new organization to enhance the planning and delivery of patient-centred care throughout our region.”
– Scott McLeod, CEO, Central West LHIN

Spotlight on Change Management Support

The transitions of CCACs to LHINs are nearing completion, with our second last wave of CCAC to LHIN transitions completed as of June 7th. As you have seen in the last few Health Integration Updates, LHIN CEOs have been sharing their experience, their enthusiasm for the future, and the opportunities ahead with an integrated organization to coordinate care around patients and make health care responsive to local needs as part of a high performing health care system.

With the focus now shifting from transition to transformation, change management is vital to foster a high performance culture and to ensure the newly integrated organizations are supported with appropriate tools and resources to realize system transformation. In bringing 28 organizations into 14, the LHINs have the opportunity to create a new organizational culture to support achievement of their expanded mandate. While the transitions so far have been successful, this is only the beginning of our transformational journey. The transfer of CCACs to LHINs is a vital step, and in the next few months the new LHIN organizations will integrate their teams and begin working in a different way with their health system partners.

With that understanding, many CCACs have already actively engaged with their staff and partners in various change management activities such as retreats, webcasts, and new processes to build a strong organizational culture as one integrated organization.

To help, the ministry has secured the services of KPMG LLP, a consulting firm with expertise in change management. The LHINs will be working closely with the consultants to further identify their change management needs, implement change management activities based on best practices, and build on the momentum of transition to rally the newly integrated organization around a shared vision of transformation.

The ministry, with the advice of KPMG, is also refining an ongoing comprehensive stakeholder communications strategy to ensure communications – like this update – contain the information needed to inform productive discussions that support the LHINs and all their partners in progressing towards a universally accessible health care system.

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