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Update: Health System Integration

April 28, 2017

We are pleased to share this update on the work supported by the Patients First Act, 2016.

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Implementation Updates

Five days to the First Planned CCAC to LHIN Transfer

Patients First Act, 2016: Implementation Milestones

Recent Accomplishments:

Coming Up Next:

Spotlight On: Ontario's 2017 Budget

Yesterday, Finance Minister Charles Sousa released the 2017 Ontario Budget: A Stronger, Healthier Ontario, which includes significant investments in health care and education. Ontario’s first balanced budget since the global recession – thanks to a strong economy and responsible fiscal management – introduces free prescription drug coverage for everyone aged 24 and under, important investments to reduce wait times and improve access to care, helps students and makes life more affordable for Ontario families.

With a focus on health care, the commitments set out in this budget are another step towards reaching our transformational goals. With an integrated structure enabled by the Patients First Act, our health care system is strongly positioned to deliver quality care and put in place measures to evaluate patient outcomes and track our success.

As outlined in the 2017 Budget, Ontario is taking action by:

Read the full 2017 Ontario Budget: A Stronger, Healthier Ontario

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