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Bariatric Services

Ontario Bariatric Network

The Ontario Bariatric Network currently consists of:

Centres of Excellence

The four Centres of Excellence provide pre and post-bariatric surgical care, counselling, referral and weight loss treatment delivered by a multi-disciplinary health care team consisting of physicians, nurses, dietitians, social workers, kinesiologists and mental health workers.

Regional Assessment and Treatment Centres

Windsor Regional Hospital was named as the first bariatric Regional Assessment and Treatment Centre and a second centre has opened at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. It’s anticipated that there will be a number of these centres located across the province based on community need and population. The centres will involve a multi-disciplinary team of bariatric experts (physician, nurse, dietitian, social worker, and pharmacist) and refer patients to the appropriate treatment (surgery, psychiatric counselling, and/or drug therapy).

Pediatric Regional Assessment and Treatment Centre

The Hospital for Sick Children is being named as the first Pediatric Regional Assessment and Treatment Centre. The centre will treat children with complex severe obesity through family-centred, tertiary, interdisciplinary treatment, care coordination and, only where appropriate, bariatric surgery. The interdisciplinary team includes a pediatric endocrinologist, key worker, psychologist, social worker, exercise physiologist, dietitian and clinic/research clerk.

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