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West Nile Virus Preparedness and Prevention Plan - 2008

June 23, 2008


This following document is the West Nile Virus - Preparedness and Prevention Plan for Ontario - 2008, a technical reference document for Ontario's 36 Health Units to assist with the implementation of the Control of West Nile Virus Regulation - O.R. 199/03), made under the Health Protection and Promotion Act. It is referred to in this document as 'the Plan'. The material content in the 'Plan' incorporates the cumulative experience of public health with vector-borne diseases and their control across North America with relevance to Ontario's topography, climate, and vector species, with particular emphasis on our ongoing communication with the public Health Units (HUs) of Ontario.

Risk Assessment

Under the Control of West Nile Virus Regulation (see Appendix V), the local Medical Officer of Health (MOH) is required to conduct a risk assessment of the conditions pertaining to West Nile Virus (WNV) in the Health Unit. This risk assessment will identify the relative risk of human infection from WNV using surveillance information based upon dead birds, mosquito information, equine infections, along with any human cases, and may include a number of other relevant information. Completion of the risk assessment in accordance with the Regulation will offer guidance to the appropriate WNV control activities for the MOH, and if needed, provides a review of appropriate vector (mosquito) control activities (i.e. larval/adult mosquito control measures) and their effective application. The Regulation requires the local municipality to which the risk assessment applies to undertake those measures necessary for vector and disease control when directed to do so by the MOH.

In addition, under the Control of West Nile Virus Regulation, the MOH is also required to maintain a means to record, investigate, and report any confirmed or likely adverse or unintended human health effects attributed to mosquito control actions, and to report any non-human environmental adverse effects that he/she knows about to the Ministry of the Environment and/or other relevant local or provincial authorities.


Note that this plan is subject to change during the 2008 season.

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