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Mental Health Accountability Framework

Executive Summary

The Ontario government is committed to increasing health system accountability to ensure services are as effective and efficient as possible.

Making it Happen, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care documents guiding the mental health reform process, commit the Ministry to the development of a client-centred system of services and supports, which will be monitored through a Mental Health Accountability Framework. The framework is a step toward an accountable mental health system in which roles and responsibilities will be defined, performance measured, and improvements made based on results at the program, region and system levels.

The accountability framework will be used by service users and members of the public, mental health organizations / programs, and the system manager.

Initially, the framework will apply to community mental health agencies / programs, hospital sponsored mental health programs, and the four specialty mental health hospitals. Conceptually, the framework has been developed with a view to its eventual applicability to the entire mental health system.

The framework consists of four key elements :

1) Performance domains, indicators and measures;

2) Agreements between the MOHLTC and transfer payment agencies;

3) Operating manual for mental health and addiction agencies; and

4) Hospital accountability mechanisms.

The document discusses in detail the specific tools and mechanisms for implementation of each of the four key elements. Performance domains and indicators are listed. Dimensions of measurement for each indicator are suggested.

Next steps include the development of outcome-based performance measures, and data collection requirements.

Once consistent data have been collected and are available, they will be used in conjunction with research regarding "best practices" to develop benchmarks and standards for service user outcomes, services / supports, and the system as a whole.

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May, 2003

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