The Health Care Experience Survey

The Health Care Experience Survey is a survey given by telephone to Ontarians age 16 years and older. The survey is voluntary. All of the information collected is kept strictly confidential.

The Ministry of Health uses the information from the survey to understand how many Ontarians have family doctors and their experience in obtaining care. It also helps the ministry plan health care programs and policies.

How are answers to the survey questions collected?

Answers to the survey questions are collected over the telephone. The questions are asked by an interviewer. The Ministry of Health has selected the Institute for Social Research (ISR) at York University to ask the survey questions and provide the answers to the ministry. The survey is offered in English and French.

Why did I receive a notice about the survey in the mail?

Households are randomly selected to participate in the survey. These households are sent letters in advance to let them know they will be receiving a call from ISR, and what the reason for the call is.

How long does it take to complete the survey?

The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete.

What kinds of questions does the survey ask?

The Health Care Experience Survey asks Ontarians:

  • Their views about the Ontario health care system
  • How healthy they are
  • If they have chronic conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease)
  • If they have a family doctor or nurse practitioner (or other health care provider)
  • How long it takes them to see their family doctor or nurse practitioner
  • Their experience using the health care system
  • If they have been to an emergency room or a walk-in clinic
  • Whether any children living in the household have a doctor
  • Information about their age, income level, education, employment, ethnicity, immigration status, postal code, and how many people live in their household

What if I don't want to answer some of the questions asked?

You do not have to answer any questions you do not want to. If you decide to stop the interview, you can ask to have the rest of your answers erased.

Does everyone in Ontario get asked to complete the survey?

Some but not all Ontarians are asked to complete the survey. These Ontarians are randomly chosen from across all areas of the province.

Are children asked to complete the survey?

Only adults age 16 years and older are asked to complete the survey. These adults are asked if they are parents or guardians of children living in their household. If they are, they are asked about just one of their children. They are asked whether this child has a doctor and how they have obtained care.

How does the ministry protect my privacy?

Your privacy is very important. The information that is collected for the ministry by ISR is protected by law, and no identifying information will be reported.

Who can I contact for more information about the survey?

For more information about the Health Care Experience Survey, please contact:

John Hill
Manager, Health Analytics and Insights Branch
Ministry of Health

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