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Please make sure that you read this page as it contains important information about coverage for Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) services.

OHIP provides some coverage for health services received by individuals who are residents of Ontario and have a valid health card while they are outside of Canada.

There are two kinds of Out of Country Health Services that may be funded:

1. Out of Country (OOC) Emergency Health Services for Travelers

These are emergency services that you may need unexpectedly while you are traveling outside of Canada. Please note:

2. Prior Approved Out of Country (OOC) Health Services

These are elective health care services that are eligible for funding only if certain conditions are met. These conditions will be described in the pages to follow.

Important: Please note that for these types of services to be OHIP insured, you must have written approval from the ministry for these services *before* you receive them. If written prior approval has not been received, you will be responsible for all costs associated with the service(s).

Your Ontario physician must send in a “Request for Prior Approval for Full Payment of Insured Out of Country Health Services” form on your behalf to the ministry prior to the services being rendered so that this approval can be considered.

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