Transforming Ontario's Health Care System


The Ontario Government has set out an agenda to realize an unprecedented paradigm shift in the delivery of health care, particularly around quality of services delivered, integration of services across the continuum of care, cost of services, and the long-term sustainability of the health care system as a whole. As a result :

  • Patients will feel more satisfied with their experience, receive better access to care through their primary care provider, and receive care closer to home or even better, at home.
  • Providers will work together more effectively at the ground level to better meet the needs of patients.
  • System partners will be working within their communities to strengthen the capacity of the system to meet the needs of patients.
  • The system will deliver better value for the investments made.

To improve the coordination of care and encourage collaboration between a patient's different health care providers, there will be a focus on :

  • Improving access to family care for seniors and patients with complex conditions from discharge to home care.
  • Reducing the time for referral from primary care doctor to specialist appointment.
  • Improving the patient's overall experience during their journey through the health care system.

For the patient, a fully integrated system means :

  • There is no longer a need to answer the same question from different providers, because providers are linked, patients have more information, and there is more confidence that care is coordinated and focused.
  • Obtaining an individualized comprehensive care plan that will ensure care that meets the needs and incorporates all providers in the care delivery, and that care is better, appropriate, more responsive, timely and effective for patients who need our help the most. This means more care will be provided closer to home and patients will spend less time in the health care system.

Guiding Principles

  • Leverage and build on existing strengths and relationships within the ministry, and system-wide
  • Engage our partners in the co-design and delivery of excellent health care
  • Prompt resolution of issues which present barriers to integration and effective delivery
  • Foster transparent accountability and governance
  • Use evidence to make decisions for person-centred care with a population perspective
  • Create effective pathways to align ministry and stakeholders to become solution focused

Healthy Change has many parts :

  • Strengthening Integration - through Community Health Links, networks of providers in the community are working locally to provide better coordinated care - starting with those who need it most: seniors with complex conditions
  • Right care, right place, right time delivery - maximizing health care investments by making better use of our resources
  • Funding reform - funding models based on patient needs and the highest quality care
  • Promoting wellness - Helping people to make healthier choices. The conversation with Ontarians has already begun and you can help keep it going.

People attending the 2013 HealthAchieve conference were asked about transforming the health care system. This is what they said :

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