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Schedule of Laboratory Fees – Microbiology

L620 Antibiotic level, serum 40
L623 Antibiotic sensitivity – M.I.C. – one antibiotic, tube or agar dilution (see Preamble, paragraph 17) 25
L624 Blood (including ærobic, anærobic, subcultures, smears) per bottle 30
L625 Cervical, vaginal, including GC culture, Gram smear, yeast identification (e.g., Germ tube) – not to be charged with L627 (see Preamble, paragraph 12) 25
L622 Chlamydia culture isolation or non-cultural assays 30
L640 Culture – throat swab, for streptococcus screen only 6
L639 Fluids (CSF, joint, pleural etc., not exudates) 28
L626 Fungus, including KOH preparation and smear – not to be charged with L625 20
L627 GC culture and smear – not to be charged with L625 (see Preamble, paragraph 12) 20
L628 Other swabs or pus – culture and smear (includes screening) 25
L629 Sputum – culture and smear 22
L630 Stool culture including the necessary agglutinations and culture for campylobacter 34
L635 Pathogenic E. coli (as sole procedure in infants only, such as fluorescent staining, not with L630) 5
L631 Tuberculosis, including ZN or fluorescent smear 55
L641 Urine, screening, actual culture without identification (see a href="/en/pro/programs/ohip/sob/lab/labfee_feb.aspx">Preamble, paragraph 6) 7
L633 Urine, pour plate or Miles-Misra quantitative (see Preamble, paragraph 6) 20
L634 Urine calibrated volume to include plate, turbidimetric or photometric techniques (see Preamble, paragraph 6) 25
L637 Virus isolation
Note: The above fee codes include cultures and antibiotic sensitivity testing when indicated.
L632 Animal inoculation 100
L642 Lysozyme inhibition test 13
L656 Penicillinase production 8
L636 Streptococcus grouping, Lancefield or equivalent with extractions 18
L638 Streptococcus grouping, coagglutination method 18
L645 Darkfield (spirochetes) 10
L646 Electron – direct, for viruses 40
L647 Electron – immunoelectron microscopy 60
L648 Electron – after ultracentrifugation 65
L649 Electron – thin section, for virus 130
L650 Parasites and ova – faeces concentration (see Preamble, paragraph 12) 25
L654 Parasites and ova, smear only, special stain(s) 25
L651 Pinworm (Scotch tape prep) 5
L643 Smear only, Gram or Papanicolaou stain, as sole procedure (not with L624 to L634) 5
L652 Smear only, special stain, e.g., ZN, inclusions, spores, diphtheria 14
L653 Wet preparation – for fungus, trichomonas, parasites (see Preamble, paragraph 12) 3

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