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Schedule of Laboratory Fees – Immunohematology

Immunohematology / Immunology

L471 Antibody identification, per specimen (see Preamble, paragraph 16(a)) 45
L481 Antibody titre per antibody, per specimen ––to be claimed only if L471 yields a positive identification 15
L482 Antibody screening (see Preamble, paragraph 16) 20
L473 Parallel titration on two specimens to include confirmation of previously detected antibody (see Preamble, paragraph 16b) 75
L490 Blood Group – ABO and RhD (see Preamble, paragraph 16) 18
L493 Blood Group – ABO and Rh phenotype (see Preamble, paragraph 16) 40
L494 Blood Group per antigen (see Preamble, paragraph 16) 8
L492 Crossmatch per unit of blood (see Preamble, paragraph 16) 10
L495 Direct anti-human globulin test (see Preamble, paragraph 16) 4
L567 C1 esterase inactivator screen 5
L665 C-Reactive protein 6
L660 Cold agglutinins – screen 6
L661 Cold agglutinins – titre 15
L560 Complement proteins – C1q 12
L551 Complement proteins – C3 (B1C) 12
L552 Complement proteins – C4 (B1E) 12
L557 Complement proteins – C5 12
L558 Complement proteins – C3 proactivator 12
L561 Complement proteins - C1 esterase inactivator 12
L553 Miscellaneous proteins – Ceruloplasmin 12
L554 Miscellaneous proteins – Transferrin 12
L555 Miscellaneous proteins – Alpha 1 antitrypsin 12
L556 Miscellaneous proteins – Alpha 2 macroglobulin 12
L576 Cryoglobulin characterization 30
L568 Double gel diffusion, qualitative (Ouchterlony) per antigen: antibodies to food antigens (milk, wheat proteins) or fungal antigens (allergic alveolitis screening series) – maximum of 4 antisera per patient screen 5
L575 Gammopathy Screen by immunoelectrophoresis or immunofixation
Note:Maximum one serum and one urine per patient (see Preamble, paragraph 29)
L655 Pregnancy test (see Preamble, paragraph 25) 6
L550 Single gel diffusion and nephelometric quantitative assays
Immunoglobulin G, A, D, M
L500 Screen for miscellaneous agglutination reactions (see Preamble, paragraph 24), e.g., Rheumatoid factor e.g., Antithyroid (thyroglobulin or microsomal)
Streptolysin screen
L900 Screen by secondary laboratory (see Preamble, paragraph 24) 6
L501 Titre – serial tube single antigen 15
L502 Serial tube 4 or more antigens 30
L596 Sperm antibodies – screen 20
L597 Sperm antibodies – titre 40
Cellular Assays
L528 Antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity 200
L533 ATP depletion test 275
L532 Caffeine – halothane contracture test 300
L521 Intracellular leukocyte bacterial killing capacity 100
L522 Leukocyte chemotactic activity 150
L523 Leukocyte phagocytic capacity 40
L524 Lymphocyte activation (transformation) by isotope incorporation (limited) to 3 mitogens and/or antigens) 200
L525 Lymphocyte surface immunoglobulins by immunofluorescence 200
L526 Lymphocyte T and B cell rosettes 200
L527 Mixed lymphocyte reaction 300
L529 Naturally occurring cell cytotoxicity 200
L520 Nitroblue tetrazolium test – screen for enzyme deficiency
Complement – kinetic (activity) assays
L530 Total hemolytic complement (CH50 non-kit) 40
L531 Complement components (activity assays)
Fluorescent Antibody Tests (Immunofluorescent Studies)
Tests for serum antibodies to tissue and cell components (Codes L535 and L544) should be claimed per type of tissue section examined and per serum dilution used, irrespective of number of antibodies identified, maximum, four slides.
L544 Antinuclear (see Preamble, paragraph 24) 35
L944 Antinuclear by secondary laboratory (see Preamble, paragraph 24) 35
L535 Other antibody tests:
  • Antimitochondrial
  • Antithyroid
  • Antiadrenal
  • Antismooth muscle
  • Antiparietal
  • Antiskin
  • Antisperm
L545 Protein deposition in tissues (per tissue examined, any number of antisera, e.g.e.g.,
Immunoglobulin, complement component, fibrinogen and pathogens, etc.)
Histocompatibility Testing
L582 Antibody screening (per panel of 15 antigens) 150
L581 Crossmatch 50
L583 HLA 27 typing 50
L580 Tissue typing 200
Microbial Immunology
L659 Antistreptolysin O, or anti-DNaseB, titre or micro-technique 25
L662 Complement fixation, screen 20
L663 Complement fixation, titre, single antigen 30
L664 Complement fixation, multiple antigens 50
L503 Febrile agglutinins, slide or tube agglutination 25
L668 Heterophile antibodies-screen (slide or single tube) with or without absorption 5
L670 Heterophile antibodies – with absorption by guinea pig kidney or ox cells, multiple tube titres (Paul Bunnell) 30
L667 Non-cultural direct bacterial antibody or antigen assays by fluorescence, agglutination or ELISA techniques. Not to be claimed with any of the codes listed under cultures and not to include Group A streptococcus or chlamydia 12
L682 For each additional antibody add 4
L683 Non-cultural indirect antibody or antigen assays by fluorescence, agglutination or ELISA techniques 15
L684 For each additional antibody add 5
L319 Hepatitis associated antigen or antibody immunoassay – per assay, e.g., hepatitis B surface antigen or antibody, hepatitis B core antibody,hepatitis A antibody (see Preamble, paragraphs 24 & 28) 28
L919 Hepatitis associated antigen or antibody immunoassay by secondary Laboratory per assay (see Preamble, paragraphs 24 & 28) 28
N.C. Serology HIV Antibody NAB
L685 Leukocyte phenotyping by monoclonal antibodies – first antibody 200
L686 Leukocyte phenotyping by monoclonal antibodies - each additional antibody, to a maximum of 20 antibodies 15
L658 Trichinella antibody 6
N.C. VDRL (patient out of the Province) 5
L680 Virus antibodies – neutralization test 40
L681 Virus antibodies – sucrose gradient separation of IgM plus inhibition test 90
L679 Virus antibodies – hemagglutination inhibition or ELISA technique
Note: not to be used for AIDS testing
L599 Cryofibrinogen – qualitative 5
L600 Cryoglobulin – qualitative 5
L601 Cryoglobulin – quantitative 30
L602 Pyroglobulin – qualitative 5
L604 Serum viscosity – relative 10
L603 Serum viscosity – quantitative 20
Radioimmunoassay – see listings under Immunoassays modifiers (units in addition to units for the basic test where applicable – immunologic procedures)
L610 Concentration of sample before testing (any method) 2
L611 Radio-modification of standard technique utilizing isotope labelled reagents, e.g., anti-insulin, anti-diphtheria, anti-tetanus
  • immunoelectrophoresis
  • double diffusion
  • radial diffusion
Note: Radio-modifications other than specifically listed under code L611 are not a benefit as such until approved by the Ministry of Health
N.C. Preparation of special antigens or antisera NAB
N.C. Special investigations NAB

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