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Schedule of Laboratory Fees


The following listings include assays using clotting, chromogenic, radioisotopic or immunologic labels or technique

L373 Antithrombin III assay 55
L370 Assay of Factors, II, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI and XII (each) 55
L371 Autohemolysis test 24
L374 Blood film – buffy coat preparation – not to be claimed with L430 18
L375 Blood film – special stain 11
L376 Bleeding time – Duke method 8
L377 Bleeding time – Ivy method 15
L378 Bone marrow – film preparation 15
L379 Bone marrow – staining (Romanowski and iron) 23
L385 Capillary fragility 7
L386 Circulating anticoagulant (e.g., lupus anticoagulant) 10
L387 Clot observation for lysis 7
L388 Clot lysis, dilute whole blood 10
L389 Clot retraction 6
L390 Clotting time (Lee and White) 8
L393 Complete Blood Count (any method, see Preamble paragraph 14) 16
L391 C.S.F. cell count (to include differential) 18
L395 Eosinophil count 8
L400 Euglobulin clot lysis 20
L403 Factor XIII (urea solubility test) 5
L401 Fibrinogen, semi-quantitative 6
L402 Fibrinogen, quantitative 28
L404 Fibrinolysis (plate method) 16
L405 Fibrin split products, quantitative 30
L406 Fibrin split products, latex screening 5
L410 G-6-PD screen 10
L411 G-6-PD quantitative assay 65
L415 Haptoglobin 15
L417 Hematocrit (see Preamble paragraphs 5 & 14) 0
L418 Hemoglobin (see Preamble paragraphs 5 & 14) 0
L419 Hemoglobin electrophoresis or chromatography to include Hb A2 fraction. 34
L420 Hemoglobin, foetal 20
L421 Hemoglobins, unstable 6
L422 Hemolysins – Ham's acid serum test 18
L423 Hemolysins – cold (Donath-Lansteiner) 18
L424 Hemosiderin in urine 11
L416 Heinz bodies 15
L425 Heparin assay 55
L431 Kleihauer stain 18
L430 L.E. cell prep – not to be claimed with L374 18
L432 Malaria smear or other parasites 15
L450 Osmotic fragility 45
L462 Partial thromboplastin time 14
L435 Plasmapheresis 50
L433 Plasminogen assay 55
L434 Plasmin assay 55
L396 Platelet (thrombocyte) count (see Preamble paragraph 14) 0
L436 Platelet (thrombocyte) function – aggregation, per additive 12
L437 Platelet (thrombocyte) function – adhesiveness 25
L438 Platelet (thrombocyte) function – thromboplastic function (PF-3) 28
L439 Preparation of cryoprecipitate (per treatment) 17
L440 Preparation of platelet (thrombocyte) concentrates (per treatment) 25
L441 Preparation of washed red cells 35
L442 Preparation of leukocyte-poor blood 20
L443 Protamine titration 15
L444 Protamine sulphate test 10
L445 Prothrombin time 12
L446 Prothrombin consumption 10
L412 Pyruvate kinase quantitative assay 65
L397 R.B.C. (erythrocyte) count, excluding manual method (see Preamble paragraph 14) 0
L398 Reticulocyte count 13
L447 Reptilase time 10
L451 Sedimentation rate 3
L452 Sickle cell preparation 14
L453 Sickle cell solubility test (screen) 5
L455 Special stains for acute leukemia 75
L454 Sucrose hemolysis 18
L456 Terminal transferase by immunofluorescence 75
L460 Thrombin time 10
L461 Thromboplastin generation test 71
L465 Vitamin B12, microbiologic, not isotopic 45
L372 W.B.C. differential count, any method(s) includes R.B.C. (Erc) morphology and platelet (thrombocyte) estimate, where indicated (see Preamble, paragraph 14) 0
L399 W.B.C. (leukocyte) count, excluding whole blood manual method (see Preamble, paragraph 14) 0

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