Ontario Health Insurance Plan

Schedule of Laboratory Fees – Anatomical Pathology, Histology and Cytology

Do not claim L700 in addition to codes L701 to L733, or L800 – L848, or L900 – L944 inclusive. The items listed in this section include only the technical component of the various items listed. The professional component for each item where applicable is listed in the Schedule of Benefits for Physicians Services (refer to paragraph 30 in Preamble).

Chromosome Analysis
L701 Chromosome banding 70
L702 Karyotype of blood or bone marrow 300
L703 Karyotype of skin or amnion cells 475
Cytology and Histology
L704 Amniotic fluid for fetal maturation 8
L726 Analytical electron microscopy – elemental detection, mapping or electron diffraction per specimen 40
L705 Aspiration biopsy (lung, breast, thyroid, etc.) 32
L706 Bronchial washings or brushings, per specimen 14
L707 Buccal or vaginal smear for Barr body 8
L713 Cervicovaginal specimen (including all types of cellular abnormality,
assessment of flora and/or cytohormonal evaluation)
L710 Direct smears – oral, larynx, nipple discharge, vulvar 13
L717 Electron microscopy 225
L708 Esophageal, gastric or endometrial washings or brushings 14
L709 Esophageal and gastric washings (including collection) 33
L711 Fluids (pleural, ascitic, cystic, aspirate, pericardial, joint, CSF, and urine) 13
L712 Fluorescent Y chromosome 8
L728 Histochemistry of muscle – 1 to 3 enzymes 40
L729 Histochemistry of muscle – each additional enzyme, per label 13
L731 Immunoperoxidase technique - per label (maximum of 3 per patient) 75
L723 Metabolic bone study – morphologic and morphometric assessment 250
L724 Metabolic bone study – kinetic assessment including fluorescent label studies 30
L730 Morphometry, e.g., muscle fibre, nerve fascicles, cells 75
L727 Nerve teasing for demyelination 50
L721 Operative consultation –  with or without frozen section (up to three specimens) 15
L722 For each specimen over three add 8
L714 Smear for inclusion bodies 8
L715 Smear for eosinophils (nasal, sputum, ocular, etc.) 3
L718 Seminal fluid examination (complete) – (see Preamble, paragraph 20) 22
L719 Smear for spermatozoa only (post-operative) 7
L716 Sputum per specimen for general and/or specified assessment, 14
L720 Surgical pathology – (see Preamble, paragraph 30) 32
L725 X-ray diffraction analysis of calculi 75

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