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March 6, 2003

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Changes to Payment Thresholds for Ontario Physicians

Based on recommendations made by the Physician Services Committee, the following items are being implemented to the physician payment threshold system for services effective fiscal year 2002/03:

New Threshold Payment System

The introduction of a new threshold payment system that eliminates the first and third threshold levels of the current three level system, combines separate GP and Specialist threshold classifications into one threshold classification level for all physicians, and provides additional exemptions from threshold reductions for hospital-based services and critical care services.

The new singular threshold payment reduction amount is 66.7% and occurs for all professional fee-for-service billings over $455,000.


Reduction Rate

Old Payment Amounts                                    33.3%                          66.7%                          75%

GPs                                                             350,000                       375,000                       400,000

Specialists                                                    430,000                       455,000                       480,000

New Payment Amounts

GPs                                                                 N/A                          455,000                         N/A

Specialists                                                        N/A                          455,000                         N/A