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December, 5, 2002

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Malpractice Coverage Reimbursement - 2003 Coverage Year

The automation of malpractice fee reimbursements for members of the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) was introduced for the 2001 coverage year. The reimbursement payment options available will remain the same for 2003.

If a Participation Form selecting Option A or Option B was completed no further action is required for the 2003 coverage year. All future reimbursements will be automatically processed upon receipt of confirmation of payment from the CMPA. If you wish to change your payment option please contact the ministry for a Reimbursement Participation Form to complete and return. A Payment Option Summary Sheet is attached for your reference. The following conditions must be met in order to select an automated payment option :

If you have selected Option C - Post Annual Reimbursement for the 2002 coverage year a MOHLTC Application for Reimbursement will be sent to you along with your CMPA Acknowledgement of payment, early in 2003. It must be completed and received by the ministry no later than June 30, 2003 for payment. If you do not receive an application please contact the ministry. Reimbursements for the 2003 coverage year under Option C will not be processed until 2004.

For your convenience the ministry now has a toll free number. For any inquiries regarding your Malpractice Coverage Reimbursement call 1-888-805-9877. Local calls for the Kingston area are 613-547-0886.

Inquiries regarding CMPA membership or malpractice fees should be directed to Membership Services at the CMPA at 1-800-267-6522.