Miscellaneous Therapeutic Procedures

Ontario Health Insurance Plan

What does OHIP cover?

 Beginning in July 2001 OHIP will cover  some treatments that your dermatologist recommends for specific skin conditions.

 What is changing?

 The catch-all service for miscellaneous therapeutic procedures will no longer be insured in the Physician Schedule of Benefits.

 What is not covered?

 Physical therapy and therapeutic exercise will no longer be covered including:

  • heat or ice therapy

  • light therapy

  • ultrasound

  • electrotherapy

  • hydrotherapy

  • massage

  • magnetotherapy

  • transcutaneous nerve stimulation

  • biofeedback



  It is not necessary that these services be rendered by a physician. These therapies will continue to be available in hospital out-patient clinics, OHIP physiotherapy facilities and in private clinics.




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