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        March 21, 2000
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Obtaining and Using the Community Treatment Order (CTO) Information Record

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is asking that physicians issuing a Community Treatment Order (CTO) complete a CTO Information Record.  Ontario’s amended mental health legislation, which was proclaimed December 1, 2000, requires that the Minister conduct a review of the use and effectiveness of CTOs in the third year after proclamation. 

To facilitate this legislated requirement and to ensure a comprehensive review, the Ministry has developed a CTO Information Record.  This form will be used to gather pertinent information about all CTOs issued in Ontario.  The Information and Privacy Commissioner authorized the Ministry to collect this patient information from physicians for the purpose of conducting the review.

The CTO Information Record form can be obtained in the same way as the Form 45.  Both the English and French versions are on the Ministry web site (www.health.gov.on.ca). The form can also be ordered from the Ministry’s Adesso Distribution Warehouse (Tel. (416) 327-8222 or Fax. (416) 327-0329).  The catalogue number for ordering the English version of the CTO Information Record is 7530-5589 and for the French version, the catalogue number is 7530-5590.

The CTO Information Record form should be completed by a physician at the time a CTO is issued, renewed or re-issued - that is, whenever a Form 45 is completed.  Instructions and 'Data Definitions and Guidelines for Completing CTO Information Record' are included on the form.  

The CTO Information Record was pilot tested with a sample of physicians across Ontario and takes 10-15 minutes to complete.  Fee-for-service physicians will be compensated for the time spent in completing this form, as it is a 'CTO-related' form.

The completed form is to be returned to the Ministry and will be included in a database maintained solely for the purpose of conducting the CTO review.   A notice of this data collection to the patient or substitute decision-maker is required by the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act and is included on the CTO Information Record form as a convenient tear-off portion.

The Ministry is in the process of developing a ‘closing’ form for the CTO Information Record to track the length of time CTOs are in effect and the reasons for discontinuation/termination.  For all CTO Information Records submitted, the Ministry plans to send notification to physicians a few weeks prior to the CTO expiry date.  If the CTO will not be renewed, physicians will be asked to complete a brief ‘closing’ form to indicate the date and reason for CTO termination.  This Ministry follow-up may serve as a helpful reminder to physicians that the CTO expiry date is approaching.


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