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        October 15, 2001
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Infant Registration Process

As of October 1, 2001 all eligible newborns born at home, and attended by a midwife, may make use of the Infant Registration process.  By enabling Midwives to obtain Pre-Assigned Health Numbers (PAHN) from the birthing hospitals the Infant Registration process is more convenient for parents and ensures that eligible infants receive a PAHN expeditiously regardless of birth setting.

By extending the current Infant Registration process, all eligible newborns, born in hospital or at home and attended by a midwife, will be registered for health coverage from the moment of birth.

A newborn born in any of the following situations is not eligible to register through the expedited Infant Registration process and must be registered directly with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (following the same process as other new residents):

  • A child born outside of Canada, to an insured Canadian custodial parent, who will ordinarily be a resident of Ontario with the parent.  The parent is responsible for completing the registration and providing documentation.

  • A child born in Ontario whose parent has taken up residency from another Canadian province or territory is not yet eligible for Ontario health coverage during the parent’s waiting period but will be eligible on the parent’s eligibility effective date.

  • A child born to a parent who is a member of the RCMP or CAF and stationed in Ontario.

  • A child born to temporary residents who are ineligible for OHIP (refugee claimants, foreign students, etc).

  • A child born to a parent without an Ontario health number.

  • A child not born in a hospital or at home attended by a midwife.

The hospital’s process for obtaining and submitting Infant Registration forms will remain the same: hospitals request a supply of forms which the Ministry distributes quarterly (or when necessary on request)  Head Midwives (a designated Midwife on staff at each hospital in which midwives provide birthing services) will sign out forms from the hospital and be responsible for the security, distribution and collection of the forms from midwives on staff at the hospital. Midwives will be expected to carry a form to each home birth for completion by parents of eligible newborns, and to submit the completed form to the Head Midwife.  Head Midwives will collect the Infant Registration forms from all applicable midwives routinely and submit the forms back to the hospital as a batch on a regular basis.  The hospital will then submit all forms received from the Head Midwife to the Ministry, as per existing procedures.


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