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Ministry Status: Routine Monitoring and Engagement

Genetic Testing Advisory Committee

Evaluation Process

The evaluation process for a genetic test was determined by whether the test is to be provided in Ontario or through the Out-of-Country Program Exceptional Access process.

Ontario Genetic Tests

  1. Genetic test selection
  2. Evidence-based analysis
    1. Literature review of available clinical and academic publications on the genetic test
    2. Referral to an expert sub-committee
    3. Genetics Testing Advisory Committee (GTAC) deliberation of the available evidence
  3. Draft GTAC report and recommendation prepared
  4. Posting draft in Open for Comment
  5. Assessment of stakeholder/public comments
  6. Posting of finalized GTAC report and recommendations

Out-of-Country Program Exceptional Access process Genetic Test

  1. Out-of-country (OOC) genetic test application/submission
  2. Assign to appropriate GTAC member for evaluation and recommendation
  3. OOC Response to requesting physician.

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