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Real Change In Action - Magnetic Resonance Imaging Process Improvement

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Process Improvement Program (MRI-PIP) focuses on creating sustainable improvements in MRI processes by optimizing utilization of existing resources. The program utilizes LEAN-Six Sigma methodology and evidence-based decision-making for process analysis and optimization with the goal of increasing capacity of current resources and maximizing the potential and satisfaction of staff in order to improve access to diagnostic imaging. MRI PIP empowers staff and clinicians within medical imaging departments across Ontario to develop evidence-based, sustainable process improvements, to increase throughput and access to care.  The program has engaged 17 sites to date and plans are to reach all sites with an MRI scanner in Ontario by Spring 2012. 

MRI-PIP utilizes a strategic approach to change and improvement that focuses on:

  1. Optimizing capacity and positively impacting MRI patient flow across Ontario by improving efficiency and throughput
  2. Engendering a commitment to continuous improvement

Best practice guidelines, developed by an expert panel, are used to help guide hospitals towards their improvement goals within each focus area.

The program engenders a commitment to continuous improvement in tandem with sustainability. It involves creating a paradigm shift and ensuring performance is maintained or enhanced. The dimensions of a comprehensive sustainability plan are supported by governance and accountability as well as supporting forums and tools.

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