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Guide to Clinical Initiatives - Most Responsible Physician Quality Improvement Program

Most Responsible Physicians (MRPs), or Hospitalists, are physicians who specialize in caring for unscheduled inpatients admitted to hospital from the emergency department. It is an extremely complex discipline. MRPs provide care to constantly changing groups of patients, all of whom require a generalist who can attend to their medical needs while coordinating with specialists and generally fulfilling the role of a family physician – inside the hospital.

Who’s Involved

Target Population

Patients requiring a generalist who can attend to their medical needs while inside the hospital.

Benefits to the System

MRPs have begun forming hospital-centred groups to ensure they are able to provide high quality care to patients 24/7/365. In support of that goal, and as part of an overall strategy to drive quality and value throughout the province’s health care system, the Ontario government has developed an MRP Quality Improvement Program. The program will :

MRP Basic Training and Small Tests of Change

The University of Toronto Centre for Patient Safety will provide MRPs with introductory training designed to reduce readmission rates and average length of stay for unscheduled patients. MRP group leaders will be invited to attend sessions for a general introduction to Lean methods and other QI tools, techniques and ideas. Following that, they will have a chance to apply their new skills to small tests of change in participating hospitals. For current sessions see Continuing Medical Education

For more information contact :
Matt Snyder, Performance Improvement Planning Consultant, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

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