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Update: OHIP+ Children and Youth Pharmacare Program

October 27, 2017


We are pleased to share this update on OHIP+: Children and Youth Pharmacare Program (OHIP+) with you.

You can count on regular OHIP+ emails like this as your source of ongoing information and updates. We encourage you to share them with staff members, local stakeholders and other clinicians, and colleagues.

OHIP+ Exceptional Access Program EAP Streamlined Request Submission Process

Following the e-blast on October 12, 2017 regarding the EAP streamlined request submission process for eligible OHIP+ recipients, the ministry received a number of streamlined requests. We appreciate the effort prescribers are making to submit these requests on behalf of their patients before the launch of OHIP+ on January 1, 2018.

Please note the following important information about the OHIP+ EAP streamlined request submission process:

  • It is only for OHIP+ eligible patients (i.e. Ontarians age 24 years and under) who have been stabilized on certain medications that require an EAP approval
  • The form has been developed for the below medications only:
    • Alcohol Addiction Therapy (acamprosate, naltrexone)
    • Alfacalcidol (drops)
    • Atomoxetine
    • Betahistine
    • Buspirone
    • Hormone Therapy (conjugated estrogen, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone)
    • Modafinil
    • Oxcarbazepine
    • Phytonadione & Multivitamin (injections)
    • Tranexamic acid
    • Valacyclovir
    • Vigabatrin (sachet)
  • Prescribers can and are encouraged to submit the form before January 1, 2018, and can access it at:


    Form Number: 014-5067-87E

    Title: OHIP+ Eligible Recipient Request for an Unlisted Drug - Exceptional Access Program

  • It cannot be used for children and youth who are starting a new drug therapy after January 1, 2018, that requires an EAP assessment 

There are three ways to submit the OHIP+ EAP Streamlined Request Form:

  1. Fill it out electronically, and then print and fax it to 1-844-227-6590.
  2. Select a drug from the form’s drop down menu and complete the form by hand. Once the form is completed, fax the form to 1-844-227-6590.
  3. Mail it to Ontario Public Drug Programs at:

    Ontario Public Drug Programs
    Drug Programs Delivery Branch
    3rd Floor, 5700 Yonge Street
    Toronto, ON  M2M 4K5

Submitting Full EAP Requests for OHIP+ Eligible Recipients

For drugs not available under the streamlined submission process, the ministry is encouraging prescribers to submit full EAP requests for OHIP+ eligible patients as soon as possible.

Please fax full EAP requests for OHIP+ eligible patients to 1-844-227-6590.

Note: This fax number is different than the fax number listed on the full EAP request form (which is used for regular EAP requests as well). Using this fax number will help expedite and prioritize your OHIP+ EAP request review.

Full Exceptional Access Program request forms and additional information on the EAP can be found at:


More details on OHIP+ will continue to be provided. We welcome any comments, feedback or advice that you may have regarding OHIP+ and its implementation.

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