Critical Care Strategy

Critical Care Nurse Training Fund

To meet the demand for critical care services, Ontario hospitals need an adequate supply of appropriately trained critical care health care professionals. In 2006/07, the Critical Care Nurse Training fund was developed to:

  • help improve the overall quality of training programs for critical care nurses
  • ensure training programs are compliant with the newly developed critical care nursing standards

Hospitals can apply for funding each year, for in-house and/or college-based adult critical care training. Funding eligibility and amounts are dependent on the quality of the application and the number of applications received. The funding will enable hospitals to train nurses to practice in adult and paediatric critical care settings.

The applications are evaluated according to criteria that balance the urgency of the local need with the goal of using these funds to encourage hospitals to train critical care nurses to a consistent standard.

As of March 31, 2014, 3,110 nurses will have received training since the program started.

Call for Applications: 2015/16 Critical Care Nurse Training Fund

The 2015/16 Nurse Training Fund application process is now closed. Applications are under review and hospitals will be advised of funding conditions accordingly.

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