Critical Care Strategy

CritiCall Ontario

Originating in 1988 as Hamilton Regional Emergency Access to On-Call Health Professionals Program, CritiCall Ontario was formally established in 1996. This 24-hour-a-day emergency consultation and referral service assists hospital-based physicians within Ontario caring for critically ill or injured patients.

CritiCall Ontario is funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and currently provides four services to support the provincial healthcare system

  1. Case Facilitation: Hospital-based physicians requiring consultation services are provided with on-call specialists who can provide immediate decision support for patient management issues. If necessary, CritiCall Ontario can also secure a bed for patients at the nearest facility with the appropriate level of care. The program is designed to offer services for critical care, trauma or seriously ill adult or paediatric patients.

    CritiCall Ontario manages a Provincial Hospital Resource System (PHRS) that documents the status of Ontario’s acute care beds, including mental health, and other hospital resources. This information is used to support day to day decisions related to the transfer of patients for cases that CritiCall facilities. This information is also available to the ministry, LHINs and hospitals to assess bed availability in real time and it is helpful for hospitals to manage patient flow. CritiCall also uses the data in this system to support hospitals during Moderate Surge situations, and both internal and external disasters when access to acute care beds is required.

  2. Quality Initiatives: CritiCall Client Relations Managers support provincial and LHIN-based quality improvement projects. They are actively involved in numerous projects with LHINs, specialty groups, the Critical Care Secretariat and the ministry.

  3. CritiCall manages the Ontario’s Critical Care Information System (CCIS) on behalf of the Critical Care Secretariat by providing technical and Help Desk support, education, training and decision support for the CCIS to staff working in more than 200 critical care units in Ontario. See CCIS for more information.

  4. CritiCall provides reports that outline the activities of the CritiCall case facilitation process to support hospitals, LHINs and the ministry is assessing the types of services required by the system and where opportunities for resource allocation or process improvement will improve access to critical services within the province.

CritiCall Ontario works closely with the Critical Care Secretariat to deliver quality critical care services within Ontario.

For more information about CritiCall Ontario, please visit their website or call (289) 396-7000.

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