Become an Ontario Health Team

The Ontario government is building a connected health care system centred around patients, families and caregivers. These changes will make it easier to navigate the system and strengthen local services. Health care providers will work together to take the guesswork out of transitions, where we know patients often feel lost and unsupported.

Ontario Health Teams

Ontario Health Teams are being introduced to provide a new way of organizing and delivering services in local communities. Under Ontario Health Teams, the health care providers (including hospitals, doctors and home and community care providers) will work as one coordinated team – no matter where they provide care.

Providers and organizations eligible to become an Ontario Health Team include, but are not limited to, those that provide:

  • primary care (including inter-professional primary care and physicians)
  • secondary care (e.g., in-patient and ambulatory medical and surgical services (includes specialist services)
  • home care
  • community support services
  • mental health and addictions
  • health promotion and disease prevention
  • rehabilitation and complex care
  • palliative care (e.g., hospice)
  • residential care and short-term transitional care (e.g., in supportive housing, long-term care homes, retirement homes)
  • long-term care home placement
  • emergency health services
  • laboratory and diagnostic services
  • midwifery services, and
  • other social and community services and other services, as needed by the population.

The 'Siloed Current State' image shows a row of icons representing different health care providers with separate links to a patient icon below portraying that these providers work independent of one another to provide patient care. Under the new 'Ontario Health Teams' image, these same icons are grouped together to represent they will work as one single team to provide care for the patient.


Resources for Health Care Providers and Organizations

Changing the way care is delivered will take time and dedication from all system partners. The following resources will support you on your journey to becoming an Ontario Health Team:

Important Dates for Ontario Health Team Applicants

Thank you to everyone who submitted an Ontario Health Team self-assessment and congratulations on beginning your journey to become an Ontario Health Team.

Self-assessments are currently being reviewed. Because of the incredible interest, we have extended our timelines. Please see below.

Assessment process Dates
Open call for self-assessments April 3, 2019
Deadline to submit self-assessments May 15, 2019
Selected groups will be invited to submit a full application Early July 2019
Deadline to submit full applications September 2019
Announce Ontario Health Team candidates Fall 2019
Deadline for Second Round of self-assessments Fall 2019

The ministry will continue to work with all interested individuals and teams to help them on their journey towards becoming an Ontario Health Team. If you have not submitted a self-assessment, we encourage you to become familiar with the Guidance document and form, and to connect with partners in your region.

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We will continue adding resources to this page as they become available.

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