Health Care Professionals

Ministry Research Funding Opportunities

Common Feedback Identified in Previous HSRF Competitions

The following are generalized issues reviewers have identified in the proposals submitted during previous HSRF competitions:

1. Proposal Summary and/or Benefits, Impacts and Importance

2. Milestones and Deliverables

3. Program Design and Methodology

4. Sex and Gender-Based Analysis

5. Knowledge Translation and Exchange (KTE) Plan

6. Partners and Capacity Building

7. Project Management

8. Data Access Plan

9. Letter(s) of Recommendation

10. Budget

1For the 2016/17 Program Awards, while providing details on how a sex and gender-based analysis will be still be required to be incorporated into the program (or a rationale as to why it this analysis is not relevant), applicants are also being encouraged to embed other cross-cutting components into their research where appropriate or feasible. These components include equity, Aboriginal health, patient-centred care, and implementation science. See the HSRF Guidelines for a definition of each of these cross-cutting components.

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