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Instructions for the HSRF Budget

Please review this section carefully. Should your Full Application be successful, any errors, omissions, or non-compliance with considerations and/or constraints may result in the budget being deemed incomplete/ineligible, resulting in delays in funding. The ministry has the right to request any changes in the Full Application submission prior to awarding the grant, regardless of the Review Panels’ decisions.

The instructions for the budget are also available on the Full Application form on the MOHLTC's online grant application system.

  1. Overall Considerations
  2. Technical Guidance
  3. Constraints
  4. Detailed Information for Budget Categories and Eligible Direct Costs
    a. Personnel Services
    b. Supplies and Services
    c. Travel
    d. Equipment
    e. Other
    f. Applied Health Research Questions (AHRQ) [Research Programs/Projects Only]
    g. Indirect Costs
  5. Eligible Direct and Indirect Costs Table

1. Overall Considerations

It is strongly recommended that all applicants view the ministry's Budget Template and use it to develop their budget. This Excel file provides a sample completed budget for reference (the worksheet named "Sample Budget") and a worksheet for each funding year that can be used by the applicant to develop their budget. A budget summary template is also provided (worksheet named "Budget Summary") for the applicant to complete and submit. All required information and calculations have been included in each of these worksheets.

The information submitted in the budget should align with what is presented in the Overall Justification of the Budget in the Full Application.

Analysis of the budget will focus on feasibility including appropriateness of the budget and timelines, and project management approach. It will also focus on the anticipated productivity or yield from the budget requested, e.g., the return on investment provided by the program/project. Reviewers may provide recommendations to increase/decrease proposed budgets based on the information from this section.

A justification of each budget line item over $5,000 is required to allow reviewers to assess whether the requested resources are appropriate for the execution of the program/project. The final determination of an item's eligibility (contribution or expenditure) rests with the ministry.

Where programs/projects include multiple sub-projects, the "justification" column should also be used to indicate which project(s) an item supports.

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2. Technical Guidance

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3. Constraints

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4. Detailed Information for Budget Categories and Eligible Direct and Indirect Costs

A. Personnel Services

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B. Supplies and Services

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C. Travel and Meeting Costs

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D. Equipment

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E. Other

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F. Applied Health Research Questions (AHRQ) [Research Programs/Projects Only]

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G. Indirect Costs

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5. Eligible Direct and Indirect Costs Tables

Costs Related to Management and Administration
Examples Eligible Ineligible
  Indirect Costs Direct Costs  

Training of faculty and research personnel

Costs associated with professional development training, such as the use of software (e.g., accounting and human resources software) are eligible.

Costs associated with attending research administration-related conferences for professional development are eligible.


Human resources and payroll

Salaries and benefits for employees who support but are not directly involved in the research project/program (, financial, human resources and purchasing offices) are eligible.

Financial and audit costs related to the Project/Program X
Recruitment of new staff X
Staff directly involved with the Project/Program X
Consultants directly involved with the Project/Program X
Support for students X
Research time stipends / teaching release X
Costs associated with collective agreements X
Costs of publication for scientific journals X
Costs for scholarly conferences, or expenses associated with presenting papers and findings at provincial or national conferences X
Provincial or national travel costs associated with research/KTE activities X
Conference registration fees X
Meeting costs X
Website costs related to the Project/Program X
International travel X


Costs Related to Research Resources
Examples Eligible Ineligible
  Indirect Costs Direct Costs  

Acquisition of library holdings

Library holdings include journals, books, collections, periodicals and site licences.


Improved information resources

Information resources include databases, telecommunications, information technology and research tools.

The purchase of computer hardware and software / software licences for libraries is eligible.

Pilot studies X
Purchase of hardware or software to be used in a specific research Project/Program and/or teaching exercise X
Honoraria for research participants X


Costs Related to Facilities
Examples Eligible Ineligible
  Indirect Costs Direct Costs  

Renovation and maintenance of research facilities

"Research facilities" include libraries, laboratories, research networking spaces, offices of research and finance administration, and offices of social science and humanities researchers.

The purchase and/or refurbishing of furniture for research facilities is eligible as it pertains to the ability to undertake work related to the Project/Program.


Upgrades and maintenance of research equipment

An "upgrade" is defined as replacing a part to make a piece of equipment more usable.

"Maintenance" (and/or "maintenance contracts") is defined as the upkeep or repair of equipment to improve or preserve efficiency.

The purchase of new equipment is considered as upgrading/maintenance if this equipment supports the research infrastructure's overall operation, meaning investments in air and water quality, or power upgrades (e.g., air conditioners, water purifiers, ventilation systems).


Operating costs

Operating costs include custodial, security, maintenance, utilities, and leasing costs; and costs for capital planning associated with research spaces and research equipment, and insurance on research spaces.

Upgrades and maintenance of research facilities and equipment to meet regulatory requirements X
Technical support for laboratories, offices and other facilities X
The purchase of furniture for the offices of specific researchers that does not pertain to the ability to undertake work related to the Project/Program X
Purchase or construction of a building X

Purchase of laboratory equipment, or any other equipment eligible for funding under federal programs

The purchase of basic laboratory equipment is not eligible (test tubes, microscopes, Bunsen burners, sample containers, gloves, masks, coats, etc.).


Collateral on mortgage financing

Rental costs for space that is owned by the Recipient are not eligible.

Payment of interest charges is not eligible.

Purchase or lease of land X


Costs Related to Intellectual Property
Examples Eligible Ineligible
  Indirect Costs Direct Costs  
Administration of invention patent applications X

Support for technology licensing

Legal fees for technology licensing are eligible.

Administration of agreements and partnerships with industry X
Marketing of teaching materials, scientific photo libraries, survey instruments, statistical packages, data sets and databases, software, computer models and other tools X
Intellectual property management costs already covered under other initiatives X

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