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Health Quality Ontario to Promote Evidence-Based Health Care

April 4, 2011

Ontario is consolidating the former Ontario Health Quality Council and five other health care organizations into Health Quality Ontario (HQO).

Under the Excellent Care for All Act, the Ontario Health Quality Council is now Health Quality Ontario which has an expanded mandate to :

Five organizations with similar mandates have been amalgamated into HQO: the Medical Advisory Secretariat, the Ontario Health Technology Advisory Committee, the Ontario Health Technology Evaluation Fund, the Centre for Healthcare Quality Improvement and the Quality Improvement and Innovation Partnership. Consolidating these organizations will save $2 million over the first three years.

HQO will lead provincial efforts to improve safety, effectiveness and the patient experience across all health care settings. It will improve efficiency and transparency, and provide the most value to Ontarians by ensuring that all healthcare investments are based on the best evidence.

This change is part of the government's Open Ontario plan to provide more access to health care services while improving quality and accountability for patients.


"Health Quality Ontario will bring together organizations with the same goal - to drive quality improvement in Ontario's health care system - under one roof and help to make Ontario's health care system more transparent, accountable and focused on patient-driven care. Ultimately the work of Health Quality Ontario will help Ontarians by improving access to high quality, evidence-based health care."
- Deb Matthews, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

"Health Quality Ontario will leverage some of the most talented experts in the province under the umbrella of one organization. Our mandate will support the healthcare system in achieving high standards in the quality of care for the benefit of all Ontario patients."
- Dr. Ben Chan, President and CEO of Health Quality Ontario

"Health Quality Ontario will provide the opportunity for cross-sector quality improvement achievements that represent the patient health journey and lead to whole system transformation. In particular, advancing quality improvement in primary care positively impacts the entire health system accentuating the pivotal role the sector plays for everyone in the province."
- Trish O'Brien, Director of Primary Care, Quality Improvement, Health Quality Ontario



Learn more about Health Quality Ontario.
Read Ontario's Excellent Care For All Strategy and about Health Quality Ontario

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